From wordpress to Blogger

A big hello to all my readers. It’s been a long time I am not writing on wordpress this is because I have changed my focus from wordpress to blogger. Yes I have made a new account on blogspot as it gives mr complete freedom to choose anything and to change anything whatever and whenever I want. Gives you the complete freedom of making your own space which actually looks and feels your own. Don’t know about the others but I have already got a compliment on my new blog on blogspot. The main reason of me writing this blog is Blogspot gives me my space, my design, my customized theme and apart from that it gives me Adsense. So here is something new for you all, do visit my new blog regularly as you have done for my wordpress blog.

The URL is

Do let me know how you Like my blog

Thank you.


Add sense to your BLOGS!!!

Hi guys i will tell you exactly how you should add some revenue to your blogs in WordPress…. Yes it can be termed as  your extra pocket money… ‘adsense’ by ‘google’ is the perfect way where all you bloggers or i can say for bloggers like me can earn an extra pocket money…. AdSense is a smart way to increase more and more advertiser’s to advertise on blogs which have just started….

For a beginner like me i think adsense makes perfect sense to me to get  extra revenue out of something what i like i.e. blogging… So all you bloggers i think you should go ahead and Add Sense to your Blogs!!!

This Video of You Tube will exactly give you the various steps how to Adsense your blog… It worked for me surely for you…

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