Thinking BIG!!!

Hello people i am sorry was away for a few days, was caught up with important work as i have started working. Actually besides working i am also working on creating a new idea for a digital market. Yes I am trying to work on a website which is unique and which will serve the people and also sell like hot cakes. Well obviously i have to look after both my pockets and your service, i think that’s should be the motto of every businessmen in this world. But keeping that aside. I am working really hard towards it, i need to strategies and prioritize and research alot. I don’t know how much it’s going to take but i know for the fact that i want to and i have to do it. So just wrote this blog to inform you people why i was not writing for so long? I am really sorry? Will come up with more matter and subject from next time?

Note – I am taking my blog to a next level now i am going to click pictures and attach them with every blog i write. I might click random pictures of everything that’s happening around mumbai and going to write about it. I just hope that i am successful and i do not land up in Jail for Clicking Random Pictures.

Sorry Once again.



I have always seen corporates running here and there boarding the local train on time… Reaching office on time… Catching the same bus on time…. And usually complaining if any of these things gets delayed or if they are an hour or to say minutes late saying “Arey bhai jaldi karo bahut kaam hain…. Arey bhai mereko office jaldi jaana hain bahut kaam hain”. Well we all know in Mumbai almost crores of rupees can be earned in a minute and lakhs of rupees can be deducted from the bank account… But what i do not understand is this even if one minute they are late they start cribbing about getting late and going into loss because of that delay of a minute… I being working in a media house personally don’t feel that if you waste or come late by a minute you it’s a big deal…. I mean in my office building the electricity had gone off for more than 12 hours because the generator had some problem but trust me we did not loose on anything and the work which we were suppose to do that day got postponed to other day… And nor did we loose anything… But in that span of time when electricity had gone in our building, i saw man corporates running here and there just like rats do and shouting at the watchman saying just the same thing ” Mera Dhanda bet jayega”… I have seen office going people log on to FB and doing all the possible time pass they could have ever imagined… So corporates what is it that you guys crib for? Your T.P. or serious work? I seriously sometimes fail to understand these Rats…